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“ WOC2015 is an amazing opportunity for us to tell the real story of Orienteering and to change perceptions. We can shout loudly about our incredible challenging, adventurous, fast, physical, enjoyable elite sport. ”
Paul McGreal
WOC 2015 Event Director

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New volunteer opportunities just added:

Gaelic speaker

TV Riggers

Car park team Nairn


Welcome to new appointments:

Sarah Grant, Volunteer Accommodation Coordinator

Brenda MacIntyre, VIP Manager

Denise Main, Athletes' Training Coordinator 

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  • We will be ambitious. We are not producing ‘just another orienteering event’. This is the World Championships!.
  • We are aiming at the highest possible quality presentation of an elite sport. Everything we do will be guided by the ‘show’ and presentation.
  • TV/Internet and media coverage is essential to the success of WOC. We need to make the event look great, and make the competition attractive and understandable to the orienteering and wider general public.
  • WOC2015 will be a great athlete experience: registration, status, venues, arenas, maps, courses and all other ancillary functions. Athletes will leave Scotland saying ‘best WOC ever’.


The Organising Committee recently decided to adopt the attached organisation structure for WOC. This is based on the needs of the event, and is similar to those adopted for events such as the World Triathlon Champs and the Olympics (but scaled down a bit!). Everyone involved in WOC2015 will eventually fit into one of the ‘teams’ that appear as columns. Your team leader will be in touch in due course. 

View latest Organisation Structure as a PDF

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