Model event team members on Monday and Thursday - Last minute gap

The purpose of providing a model event is to enable elite athletes to familiarise themselves with similar terrain and mapping. We already have a team leader. We are recruiting another 2-3 people to help greet athletes and guide them into parking. You might need to answer questions and possibly manage a road crossing and remind athletes of embargoes. The courses will have been planned by the technical team and maps and equipment will be provided. This is a chance to meet elite athletes and play a small, but manageable, part in delivering our World Championships. 

Monday 3rd Aug, 1000-1400 Model Middle Distance & Relay in Darnaway (IV36 2SW)

Monday 3rd Aug, 1000-1600 Model Long Distance models in Achilty (IV14 9EJ) and Littlemill (IV2 6WG)

Thursday 6th, 1000-1300 Model Long Distance models in Achilty (IV14 9EJ) and Littlemill (IV2 6WG)

Suitable for: OrienteersAnyoneLocalCompaniesShared

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