Event Team

These are the key roles, but there will be many other volunteers assisting them.
If you would like to volunteer check the Volunteers page for a list of the currently available positions.

Last edited: 16th Jun

Name Role Club
Organising Committee
Paul McGreal Event Director RR
Colin Matheson Assistant Event Director MOR
Emma Wilson EventScotland event manager  
Jon Marsden ICT Director FVO
Linda Cairns Volunteer Manager SN
Rob Hickling Commercial Director GRAMP
Hilary Quick Development Manager BASOC
Richard Oxlade Highland 2015 Coordinator GRAMP
Stephen Round Finance Director SELOC
Graham McIntyre Technical Director INT
Paddy Cuthbert Communications Manager  
Elizabeth Furness Athlete Services MOR
Lorna Eades TV Lead coordinator INT
Phil Conway IOF/NOF Services GO
Richard Pearson Arenas Manager  
Steering Group
Mike Hamilton Steering group British Orienteering CEO
Anne Hickling Steering group GRAMP / Scottish 6 day
Martin Ward Steering group SYO / British Orienteering
Stuart Turner Steering group EventScotland
Roger Scrutton Steering group ESOC / Scottish Orienteering President
Colin Simpson Steering group Highland Council
Reni Milburn Steering Group Moray Council
Control and Planning
Jørn Sunby Senior Event Adviser IOF
Åke Jönsson Assistant Event Advisor IOF
Tony Thornley National Controller IOF
Colin Eades Assistant Controller INT
Steve Smirthwaite Assistant Controller MOR
Steve Mckinley Assistant Controller SN
Graeme Ackland Planner INT
Dave Robertson Planner CLYDE
Tim Sands Planner BASOC
Steve Nicholson Planner FVO
Brian Bullen Assistant planner FVO
Jon Marsden IT Team manager FVO
Robin Strain Results Manager ELO
Ted Finch GPS Tracking Manager FVO
Dave Coustick Radio Control Manager FVO
Mark Stodgell Local Network Manager WCH
Paul Frost Live Site Manager and Website developer BASOC
Ian Marsden Arena Communications Manager HH
Roger Thetford Start Lists  TVOC
Kevin and Laura Parkes  SI Equipment
Key functional teams/leads
Dick Towler  Start Team LOC
Jon Wheatcroft  Finish Team TVOC
Paul Murgatroyd Marshal Management LOG & HALO
Clive Masson Mapping Coordinator ESOC
Jayne MacGregor and Anne Hoy Trader Managers GRAMP
Hedley Calderbank Model Event Coordinator HH
Becca Humphries Quarantine Team  
TV and Commentary Team    
Andy Monro Commentary Team Leader HOC
James Williams Commentary Team EPOC
Mike Edwards Commentary Team RAFO
Chris Poole Commentary Team CLOK
Jonathon Hooton Video Production   
Volunteer Management Team    
Linda Cairns Volunteer Team Manager SN
David Maliphant Volunteer Communications manager LOC/CUOC
Johannes Felter Volunteer Coordinator - Highlands sports bodies BASOC
Ann Haley Volunteer Data Manager INT
Craig Lowther Volunteer induction and training  
Terry Williams Volunteer newsletter editor  
Dawn Williamson and Paul Bloch Uniform and accreditation issue SN
Anita Dick Volunteer Services  
Sarah Grant Volunteer accommodation coordinator  
Arena Teams    
Dave Ellis Arena Coordinator. Fri 31 July, Forres COBOC
Chris Huthwaite and Charles Bromley-Gardner Arena Coordinators, Sat 1 Aug, Nairn BAOC, SARUM
Alasdair Wilson, Peter Kidd, Sue  Bett, Liz Yeadon, Emmit Andrews Arena Support Clubs, Sat 1 Aug, Nairn NATO, SELOC, SN, BAOC
Dave Ellis Arena Coordinator, Sun 2 Aug, Forres COBOC
Sarah-Jane Barrable, Dave Ellis Arena Support Clubs, Sun  2 Aug, Forres SLOW, COBOC
Peter Guillaume Arena Coordinator, Tues 4 Aug, Darnaway SYO
Colin Henderson, Tony Wragg,  Arena Support Clubs, Tues 4 Aug, Darnaway NI clubs, MDOC, and SYO
Roger Hargreaves Arena Coordinator, Wed 5 Aug, Darnaway WCH
Roger Hargreaves, Ian Marshall Arena Support Club, Wed 5 Aug, Darnaway KERNO, AIRE
Kelvin Dawson Arena Coordinator, Fri 7th Aug, Glen Affric WCH
Caroline Dallimore Arena Support Club, Fri 7 Aug, Glen Affric WOA clubs
Dave Rogers Health and Safety Officer BKO
David Black Equipment Manager  CLYDE
IOF/NOF Services team    
Phil Conway IOF/NOF Services Manager GO
Christine Patterson International Development Coordinator CLYDE
Brenda MacIntyre VIP Manager  
Lyn West Ceremonies SOS
Clive Allen  Bulletins SN
Lesely Ward IOF Conference Organiser SYO
Sherrill Mason Banquet/Althletes' Party  
Catherine Clark WOC 2016/17 Team host   
Media team
Paddy Cuthbert Media Team Manager  
Helen Hanstock Technical Communications  EYRYI
Mike Rodgers Local PR MOR
Scott Collier Live Blogger KERNO
Jenny Peel TV/Press Management mixed zone SYO
Andrew Beldowski Media zone  
Stefano Raus Interviews, GPS analysis and reporting  
Alison Etherden Interviews  
Athlete Services  
Elizabeth Furness Athlete Services and WOC office Manager MOR
Denise Main Athletes' Traning Coordinator MOR
Dave Summers Transport  
Carol Dow Anti-doping Mananger  
Evan Cairns Accreditaton Manager SN

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