Sprint Qualification

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20:10 – That's it from the LiveBlog for today! Full results will be available through the World Championships website shortly. See you all tomorrow for the Sprint Relay, which starts at 18:05 BST.

20:05 – Yannick Michiels won his heat today, and will go into the Final with a great chance of becoming the first Belgian ever to win a World Championship medal:

Today was trickier than I expected. I had a good training session this morning on one of the model areas, which was perfect preparation for this type of race.

20:00 – The following countries safely got all three of their men through to the Sprint Final: Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. All four Danish men are also through.

19:55 – Heat 2 winner Kris Jones:

My race was fine. I was orienteering really well, although I missed a few route choices. The terrain was as I expected – it was a typical Scottish housing estate – and the home support was a bit crazy in really good way! It doesn't hit you until you get to the arena, and then you think "Oh my god, this is really loud!"

19:52 – With all the main contenders finished, it looks like the heat winners are Yannick Michiels of Belguim in Heat 1, Kris Jones of Great Britain in Heat 2, and in Heat 3 a joint Jerker Lysell and Marten Bostrom share the honours having both finished in 12:28.

19:51 – Scott Fraser of Great Britain, joint 7th in Heat 1: 

Everything was perfect – I'm feeling fantastic about running in the final.

19:49 – Michiels of Belgium currently has the fastest time in Heat 1, 17 seconds ahead of Andreas Kyburz of Switzerland.

19:47 – Tim Robertson of New Zealand passes the first intermediate control in 8th position, only 15 seconds down on the leading time of Lysell. Robertson is this year's Junior World Champion in the Sprint, and also won the junior title last year.

19:46 – Marten Bostrom of Finland, the 2013 Sprint gold medallist, finishes Heat 3 in the same time as the current heat leader Lysell.

19:44 – Murray Strain of Great Britain finishes Heat 3 in the third fastest time, 26 seconds down on the lead of Lysell:

I ran a solid race. It was easy to get confused, but I'm Scottish so I'm familiar with this type of terrain.

19:42 – Jonas Leandersson of Sweden comes through the first intermediate control one second quicker than Michiels in Heat 1.

19:40 – Great Britain's Kris Jones is still in the lead in Heat 2, with Oystein Kvaal Osterbo of Norway, Martin Hubmann of Switzerland, and Soren Bobach of Denmark all within 15 seconds of his time.

19:36 – Jerker Lysell of Sweden, the current leader on Heat 3:

I had a stable race. The course was tricky – I found it quite easy but I needed to keep focussing on the map until the end.

19:34 – Pre-race favourite Yannick Michiels of Belgium, probably the quickest athlete at this World Championships in terms of pure running speed, has the fastest time at the first radio control on Heat 1, seven seconds ahead of Kyburz.

19:33 – Jerker Lysell of Sweden takes the lead in Heat 3 with a time of 12:28, four seconds ahead of Jan Petrzela of the Czech Republic. Lysell took the silver medal in the Sprint at last year's European Championships in Portugal.

19:31 – Andreas Kyburz of Switzerland leads Heat 1 at the finish with a time of 12:05, 8 seconds ahead of last year's bronze medallist Tue Lassen of Denmark.

19:27 – Kris Jones of Great Britain, currently leading Heat 2:

I missed some route choices because the course was very tricky. It's very special running here in Scotland, and I felt very emotional waiting in the quarantine zone before the race.

19:25 – Kris Jones of Great Britain finishes Heat 2 in the lead, with a time of 11:44. This puts him 15 seconds ahead of reigning champion Soren Bobach.

19:21 – Reigning champion Soren Bobach of Denmark is leading Heat 2 at the first intermediate control, with Martin Regborn of Sweden and Severi Kymalainen of Finland less than five seconds behind.


19:18 – Helmut Gremmel of Austria finishes Heat 2 in a time of 12:38:

 I ran fast and made some small mistakes. I haven't prepared particularly well for the sprint – I've focussed more on the other disciplines.

19:14 – The men's courses seem to have a similar structure to the women's – a loop in a housing estate, followed by a long leg and another housing estate loop.

19:08 – We were lucky that it stayed mainly dry during the women's race, but it's started to rain here in Forres as the men's race gets underway.

19:00 – The men's race kicks off in one minute, with the first starters being Hakon Jarvis Westergard of Norway, Helmut Gremmel of Austria, and Vincent Coupat of France.

18:56 – There were particularly impressive World Championship debut performances from Cecilie Friberg Klysner of Denmark, second only to Tove Alexandersson, and Charlotte Ward of Great Britain, only four slower than Minna Kauppi.

18:52 – With all the main contenders having finished, the three fastest times in the heats were set by Maja Alm, Minna Kauppi and Tove Alexandersson, all among of whom will be among the favourites for the Final on Sunday. Alexandersson was particularly impressive, with a lead of 23 seconds over the next person in her heat.

18:43 – Reigning champion Judith Wyder:

My run was okay technically, but I've been suffering from a back problem, so hopefully I'll be able to sort that out for the rest of the week. You have to focus all the way in this terrain – you can easily lose yourself if you don't focus, because it's really fast orienteering.

18:42 – Tove Alexandersson has had a superb run in Heat 2 – it looks unlikely that anyone will get with 20 seconds of her time.

18:38 – Silje Ekroll Jahren of Norway takes the lead in Heat 3 from Charlotte Ward by a slender two seconds. Wyder finishes in Heat 1, 14 seconds down on Maja Alm – that's looking like a very good time from Alm.

18:36 – In Heat 1, reigning champion Judith Wyder is a single second slower than Maja Alm through the first intermediate control.

18:32 – Charlotte Ward finishes in a new fastest time in Heat 3, to a huge cheer from the home crowd.

My race was pretty good. It was really, really fast out there, but I think my routes were okay. The home support is really cool – everyone you see is draped in a Union Jack.

In Heat 2, Robertson finishes 25 seconds down on Alexandersson, which should be enough to see her safely through to the final.

18:22 – Tove Alexandersson has finished Heat 2 in a leading time of 13:31. In the same heat, Laura Robertson of New Zealand looks to be having a good run, only 11 seconds behind Alexandersson at the first radio control.

Maja Alm of Denmark, another medallist from last year, leads Heat 1 with a fastest time of 12:44, 19 seconds ahead of Sara Luescher of Switzerland. In Heat 3, Jana Knapova of the Czech Republic, Silje Ekroll Jahren of Norward and Charlotte Ward of Great Britain were all within four seconds at the first radio control.

18:17 – Last year's silver medallist, Tove Alexandersson of Sweden, looks to be running well, with the fastest time at the first radio control in Heat 2.

18:11 – Live GPS tracking for the women's qualification races is now available free of charge via IOF LiveCenter. All three women's courses have a similar shape: two loops in areas of housing estates, with a long leg in between. There don't look to be too many traps, but small scale route choice – which way around this building? – could be important. All those seconds saved or lost will add up...

18:01 – And the 2015 World Orienteering Championships are officially underway! The first starters are Kristine Kokina Bertuka of Latvia, Lauriane Beauvisage of France and Metka Udovic of Slovenia.

17:52 – Quarantine has closed! While we wait for the maps to become available, we asked one of today's prerunners – Graeme Ackland, who is planning the Middle and Relay races later in the week – how he found today's course:

Absolutely fanstastic. Classic Scottish housing estate terrain, with dozens and dozens of chances to save a few seconds by cutting grassy corners. There's always a choice between an easy route and a hard route, and the easy route is always five seconds longer. Runners will have to be careful not to run down dead ends, and there is a tricky area of fencing towards the end of the course which requires a lot of concentration and may catch people out when they're tired.

Thanks, Graeme!

17:38 – We're hoping to have copies of the maps shortly after quarantine closes at 17:45. If you want something to read in the meantime, there is an excellent race preview over at World of O.

17:15 – Hello from Forres! It's a cool, overcast day here for the Sprint Qualification race, with the occasional shower of rain. The first women are off at 18:01. The big news so far is that the Danish runner Emma Klingenberg, one of the pre-race favourites, won't be running today because of an achilles problem, although she is expected to race in the Sprint Relay tomorrow.