Sprint Final

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19:03 – That's it from us for today! There's a rest day tomorrow, but we'll be back again to cover the Middle race on Tuesday.

18:58 – Gold medallist Jonas Leandersson of Sweden:

It's great to get gold, of course. During my run I tried to stay calm and take one control at a time. The wait to find out whether I'd won gold was very difficult! Also, I want to congratulate my teammate Jerker on his bronze medal.

18:56 – The top six men are provisionally:

  1. Jonas Leandersson (Sweden) 13:12.
  2. Martin Hubmann (Switzerland) 13:14
  3. Jerker Lysell (Sweden) 13:16
  4. Marten Bostrom (Finland) 13:19
  5. Yannick Michiels (Belgium) 13:20
  6. Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) 13:21

18:51 – Jonas Leandersson of Sweden takes gold in a time of 13:12, with Swiss Martin Hubmann in second, two seconds behind. Leandersson's Swedish teammate Jerker Lysell takes the bronze with a time of 13:18.

18:52 – Michiels finishes nine seconds down on Leandersson, having lost a little time on the final loop.

18:51 – Kris Jones of Great Britain, who won his qualification race on Friday, comes through the spectator control with the 5th-fastest time, nine seconds down on Leandersson.

18:49 – Michiels trips jumping a fence just before the spectator run-through. He's up and running again but it will have cost him some time. He's six seconds down on Leandersson at the spectator control.

18:46 – Daniel Hubmann of Switzerland is in third place at the finish, six seconds down on his younger brother Martin, who is in second behind Leandersson.

18:43 – Belgian Yannick Michiels, one of the big pre-race favourites, has a 10-second lead over the Hubmanns at control 6.

18:42 – Current leader Jonas Leandersson of Sweden:

I had quite a good race with only a few small mistakes. I felt tired at the end because of racing for the third day in a row, and I think it will be tough for me to win a medal today.

18:41 – The current leaders at control 6 are the Swiss brothers Daniel and Martin Hubmann, both with a time of 04:01.

18:40 – Andreu Blanes of Spain sets a new fastest time of 13:21, but it's not long before it's beaten by Jonas Leandersson of Sweden in a time of 13:13.

18:38 – Current leader Vojtech Kral of the Czech Republic:

I had quite a clean race – I only made one mistake. The course was much more difficult than the qualification race, which suited me.

18:35 – Fraser finishes in the second-fastest time – 13:40 – less than a second down on Kral.

18:30 – Vojtech Kral of the Czech Republic finishes in a new best time of 13:39, 2 seconds quicker than Merl. But Scott Fraser is four seconds faster than Kral at control 14.

18:24 – A huge cheer erupts in the arena as Great Britain's Scott Fraser, the silver medallist in 2013, is announced in the lead at control 6.

18:22 – Current leader Robert Merl:

I had a good race, but I made some mistakes that I'd like to look at again.

18:20 – A new best time at the finish from Robert Merl of Austria – 14:41, twenty-three seconds in front of Jakob Edsen Ekhard of Denmark.

18:17 – New leader at the finish Tomas Hendrickx, from Belgium:

I had a good race. There were a lot of route choices and I had to stop several times to work out which way to go.

18:15  Allston, Luescher, Vinogradova, and Kauppi all finished within three seconds of each other, despite taking a variety of different routes through the middle part of the course.

18:12 – And the men's race is underway. The first starter, Hakon Jarvis Westergard, has just finished in a time of 14:11. He was part of the third-placed Norwegian team in yesterday's Sprint Relay.

18:03 – Maja Alm, quite rightly grinning from ear to ear:

Two gold medals for the Danish team is crazy and unreal! I was feeling good physically and the map and course were what I was expecting. Hopefully we can continue Danish success for the rest of the week.

17:53 – Another emphatic win for Alm, but very close for the bronze medal.

17:51 – The top six:

  1. Maja Alm (Denmark) 13:32
  2. Nadiya Volynska (Ukraine) 14:12
  3. Galina Vinogradova (Russia) 14:24
  4. Sara Luescher (Switzerland) 14:26.5
  5. Hanny Allston (Australia) 14:26.7
  6. Minna Kauppi (Finland) 14:27.1

17:49 – Kauppi loses a little time through the final part of her course to finish in sixth. Vinogradova picks up another bronze medal to go with the one she won in yesterday's Sprint Relay.

17:48 – It's going to be very close between Kauppi and Russia's Galina Vinogradova for bronze.

17:46 – Maja Alm is the World Champion! Another stunning run from Alm after her performance in the Sprint Relay yesterday. Volynska still in second position, 40 seconds behind.

17:45 – And Maja Alm looks unbeatable, with a 28 second lead at the spectator control!

17:41 – The two favourites, Maja Alm and Minna Kauppi, are now out on the course. With Alexandersson not running Kauppi has a two minute gap in from of her and will feel like she is going round on her own. Alm is the fastest of the two so far, with the two taking different route choices to control 7.

17:36 – The lead at the finish is changing rapidly now: Hanny Allston of Australia, who won a gold in the Sprint in 2006 while still a junior, sets a new fastest time which is soon beaten by Nadiya Volynska of Ukraine, who has a new leading time of 14:13.

17:34 – And Friederich finishes in 14:30, taking the lead from her teammate by 21 seconds.

17:33 – Another Swiss athlete, Julia Gross, sets a new best time at the finish, three seconds faster than Ohlsson.

17:29 – Ohlsson is still leading at the finish, but Rahel Friederich of Switzerland is 24 seconds faster than her going through the spectator control.

17:22 – Karolin Ohlsson of Sweden sets a new fastest time of 14:54 at the finish, 44 seconds faster than Leake.

17:19 – Ursula Kadan of Austria has made a big mistake on the first control – the next starter has caught her already.

17:13 – And Leake takes the lead at the finish with 15:38.

17:11 – Alice Leake of Great Britain gets a huge cheer as she comes through the spectator control in a new fastest time.

17:08 – Adela Indrakova of the Czech Republic is the early leader, with a time of 15:44.

16:51 – With the first starters in the women's race setting off, the map is now available. It looks like a tricky course, with a lot of route choice options and a lot of potential for confusion in the alleyways in the town centre. We should see a good variety of different route choices today.

16:30 – So with both Alexandersson and Wyder out of the running due to injury, Denmark's Maja Alm is looking like the strong favourite for the women's race after the fantastic final lap she ran in yesterday's Sprint Relay. The only question is whether a third consecutive day of racing will take its toll – Minna Kauppi, the other heat winner still standing, didn't run yesterday, so comes into this race on fresh legs.

16:25 – The first pre-runner, Mark Nixon, has finished:

The course was great. It was trickier than I expected – I felt like I was never running at full speed, as I was constantly looking out for dead ends. There's also a really fast final loop in full view of the arena.

16:20 – Another shock – last year's silver medallist, Tove Alexandersson of Sweden, will not race in the Sprint Final either.

16:02 – A shock bit of breaking news: Switzerland's Judith Wyder, the 2014 Sprint World Champion, has indicated on Twitter that she won't be running today.

14:35 – Good afternoon from Forres! It's been a gloriously sunny morning here, but the clouds are coming in now and it's starting to feel like there's a little rain in the air. Fingers crossed it will stay dry for the race. The first woman starts at 16:51, and we'll try to get you the maps shortly after quarantine closes at 16:00.