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17:14 – What a gripping day of racing this has been! That's it from us for today. Based on the number of top runners making mistakes today, the Relays are impossible to predict. Join us tomorrow for all the action as it unfolds.

17:07 – We've just spoken to the New Zealand team, and Tim Robertson has dislocated his shoulder, so the injury is not as bad as we first thought. He's getting medical attention now.

16:59 – A fantastic win for Hubmann. Middle was the only discipline he hadn't won gold in before this race, so he's now got the full set. It was extremely close at the top, with only 46 seconds separating the top seven.

16:57 – The top six seven:

  1. Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) 34:23
  2. Lucas Basset (France) 34:26
  3. Olle Bostrom (Sweden) 34:36
  4. Magne Daehli (Norway) 34:49
  5. Fabian Hertner (Switzerland) 34:58
  6. Oleksandr Kratov (Ukraine) 35:08
  7. Thierry Gueorgiou (France) 35:09

16:52  Matthias Kyburz of Switzerland, who looked to be challenging the leaders early on in the course, made a big mistake on the way to 13:

16:46 – Of the runners still out, it doesn't look like any can challenge the top three of Hubmann, Basset and Bostrom.

16:44 – Gueorgiou has now finished and he's out of the medals, having lost some time towards the end of the course.

16:42 – Current leader Daniel Hubmann:

I was in control during the race, and felt good. Now I'm not sure about some of my route choices – I might have lost some time on them. Overall, though, I'm happy.

16:39 – Daniel Hubmann has finished with a new leading time, a mere three seconds faster than Basset.

16:38 – Hertner appears to have lost some time in the middle of the course, and is 44 seconds down on Basset at control 18.

16:37 – Hubmann and Gueorgiou have both come through control 20. Hubmann is two seconds and Gueorgiou nine seconds down on Basset's time. It's going to be an exciting finish!

16:35 – Sweden's Olle Bostrom finishes in second position currently, ten seconds down on Basset. Bostrom appears to have taken some time out of the other runners in the middle part of the course.

16:31 – Hubmann through control 18, six seconds down on Basset's time.

16:28 – Lucas Basset has a new leading time at the finish – 34:26, 23 seconds faster than Magne Daehli in second place. Basset:

The race was very technical. I was quite tired at the beginning but then started running very fast. Some parts of the forest are really green.

16:25 – We're hearing that Tim Robertson of New Zealand, the reigning junior world Sprint champion, has retired with a suspected broken collar bone [Update 17:07 – the New Zealand team have confirmed that it's actually a dislocated shoulder]. He's safely back in the race arena now.

16:22 – Fabian Hertner of Switzerland, last year's silver medallist, goes through control 8 one second ahead of Hubmann. That's four athletes separated by only five seconds at that control.

16:20 – It's very close at the top now. Basset, Gueorgiou and Daniel Hubmann of Switzerland are all within four seconds at control 8.

16:18 – Current leader Hannu Airila:

My race was quite good. I Ioved the terrain – the forest had quite low visilibility but the course suited me.

16:16 – Hannu Airila of Finland finishes in a new fastest time of 36:18, a 12 second lead over his Finnish teammate Portin.

16:08 – Thierry Gueorgiou is just starting. The Frenchman has won seven middle titles, although the last one was in 2011. His girlfriend Annika Billstam won the women's race earlier this afternoon – can they make it a double?

16:03  A new fastest time at control 8 from Lucas Basset of France with a time of 11:46, 40 seconds ahead of Gernot Kerschbaumer of Austria and Magne Daehli of Norway, who are both on 12:26.

15:59 – Current leader Frederic Portin:

The terrain was very green and bushy. I didn't make any big mistakes, so I'm quite satisfied.

15:57 – Frederic Portin of Finland takes the lead at the finish in a time of 36:30, giving him a lead of 51 seconds over Coupat.

15:52 – Matt Ogden of New Zealand finishes in the second-fastest time, eight seconds down on Coupat. Portin is now the fastest at control 20, 35 seconds faster than Coupat.

15:50 – Current leader Vincent Coupat:

It was pretty good, although the terrain was very rough with low visibility and some very green areas. But I'm very happy.

15:47 – Vincent Coupat of France finishes in a new leading time of 37:21, 1m45s ahead of Jubelis. However, Great Britain's Alasdair McLeod is only one second behind Coupat at control 8, with Frederic Portin of Finland a further second behind.

15:43 – Current course leader Andris Jubelis:

The course was very tough. I took a few extra seconds to concentrate on the map reading and navigation, so that may have lost me some time, but I'm quite satisfied with my race.

15:40 – A new fastest time at the finish, from Andris Jubelis of Latvia, with 39:06, but Coupat is around 100 seconds faster than Jubelis at control 20.

15:27 – Vincent Coupat sets a new fastest time at control 8 – 12:54, nine seconds faster than former junior world Middle champion Matt Ogden of New Zealand.

15:23 – And there's a new fastest time at control 8 – Yannick Michiels of Belgium, who narrowly missed out on a Sprint medal on Sunday, is 14 seconds faster than Jubelis, in a time of 13:16.

15:20 – Colm Moran, the first finisher:

It was really nice, but different from what I expected. I saw most of the runners who started before me, and towards the end I was running with the guy from Moldova.

15:17 – The first finisher is Colm Moran of Ireland in a time of 50:29, 1m26s ahead of Roman Ciobanu of Moldova. Meanwhile, Andis Jubelis of Latvia is the fastest to control 8, with a time of 13:30.

15:13 – Egypt are one of the countries making their debut at this year's World Championships, but Haytham Ahmed appears to be having some difficulty adapting to the Scottish terrain.

14:40 – Well, that was exciting. Here's hoping the men's race will be just as good. The first starters are already in the forest, and the course looks equally challenging, with even more controls in the tricky areas of tough vegetation.

14:30 – World Champion Annika Billstam:

I was very nervous before the start. The course was very challenging at the beginning and faster towards the end, particularly because I had caught up a lot of fast runners.

14:26 – Bobach finishes in the fourth fastest time, so the top six is:

  1. Annika Billstam (Sweden) 35:46
  2. Merja Rantanen (Finland) 36:36
  3. Emma Jonhansson (Sweden) 37:04
  4. Ida Bobach (Denmark) 37:32
  5. Cat Taylor (Great Britain) 37:45
  6. Nadiya Volynska (Ukraine) 37:54

14:24 – That's impressive stuff from Billstam, all the more so because at 39 she is one of the oldest competitors in this race.

14:23 – Billstam takes gold! She has retained her title, and done it in style.

14:22 – And Billstam has increased her lead to almost a minute at the penultimate control! This is a fantastic run!

14:20 – Rantanen and Johansson are looking safe for medals here. The only question is whether Billstam can maintain her speed to the finish and take gold.

14:17 – Billstam has dropped Bobach and Kinni now, and is powering ahead with Fasting close behind her. Fasting has probably lost too much time earlier in the course to be challenging for a medal here.

14:15 – Reigning champion Annika Billstam is powering through the pack. She has caught the three runners who started in front of her – Mari Fasting and Saila Kinni as well as Bobach – and is towing the others around. She is beating Rantanen's time at control 16 by 28 seconds.

14:13 – Merja Rantanen finishes in 36:36, taking the lead from Johansson by 28 seconds.

14:10 – Last year's gold and silver medallists, Annika Billstam of Sweden and Ida Bobach of Denmark, are running together now, Billstam having caught Bobach after the Dane made a mistake on control 4.

14:07 – 2013 bronze medallist Merja Rantanen has the second fastest time at control 16, having caught and passed Jansson. She's 49 seconds down on Johansson, but we know Johansson lost time a lot of towards the end of her course, so this could be interesting.

14:04 – ...while Helena Jansson of Sweden had a couple of wobbles through the early part of the course.

14:00 – And a couple of the favourite are making mistakes now, with a big error from Finland's Minna Kauppi on control 8.


13:58 – Emma Johansson:

I had a fantastic race until the penultimate control, where I got stuck in a really green area, so I'm a little disappointed.

13:56 – Emma Johansson finishes in a new leading time of 37:04, 41 seconds faster than Taylor, having lost over 100 seconds in the last part of the course.

13:55 – Cat Taylor:

My run was fine, but I made a big mistake at the second control. The course was a lot trickier than I was expecting, and I had to push hard. Overall, I'm satisfied with my performance.

13:51 – And the arena erupts as Catherine Taylor finishes in a new leading time of 37:45, a lead of exactly a minute over Knapova.

13:48 – Taylor's fastest time at control 16 is soon beaten by Emma Johansson of Sweden, who has a massive lead of 2m20s.

13:45 – Here's that early mistake from Taylor:

13:44 – After a mistake on control 2, Cat Taylor of Great Britain has recovered excellently and goes through control 16 in a new fastest time of 29:28, just ahead of Knapova.

13:42 – Jess Tullie:

I had a pretty good race, but I'm not sure about some of my route choices. The visibility in the forest is quite poor, and there are a lot of trees on the ground, so it's tough running.

13:38 – A big cheer goes around the arena as Britain's Jess Tullie finishes in 41:07, the second fastest time behind Knapova.

13:36 – And Knapova comes into the finish with a time of 38:45, the first runner to go under 40 minutes today.

13:35 – Emma Johansson of Sweden with 11:08 is through control 7 in a new leading time 13:13. The next starter, Switzerland's Sabine Hauswirth is through in 13:44, with Knapova's time of 13:56 now third fastest.

13:26 – Current leader Vike is disappointed with her run:

My race wasn't as good as I hoped and I made some mistakes with my route choices. Some of the forest was similar to Latvian terrain, but other bits were very different.

13:24 – Jana Knapova of the Czech Republic goes through control 7 in 13:56, just over a minute faster than the next best time by Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg of Norway.

13:21 – And Laura Vike of Latvia finishes in 41:13, again reducing the leading time by over a minute.

13:17 – Brozkova's lead doesn't last long before it's beaten by Rybakovaite of Lithuania with 42:17, over a minute faster.

13:13 – Dana Brozkova finishes in a new fastest time of 43:34, a whole five minutes faster than Macinska:

I had a good race. I didn't expect it to be as difficult as it was, and I made some mistakes. I think it some tracks might form along the best lines, so the later starters might be at an advantage.

13:11 – Jana Knapova of the Czech Republic sets a new fastest time to control 7 with 13:56, a lead of 26s over Gabija Razaityte of Lithuania.

13:06 – Doris Sosa of Ecuador appears to be having some issues getting into the map:

13:00 – Laura Vike of Latvia is through control 7 in a time of 15:49, a lead of 14 seconds over Rybakovaite.

12:54 – Control 12 appears to be causing a few people problems – perhaps it's difficult to find a way through the green.

12:51 – Jana Macinska of Slovakia is the first finisher, in a time of 48:34. Meanwhile, Kristina Rybakovaite of Lithuania sets a new fastest time at control 7 with a time of 18:03, 15 seconds ahead of Brozkova.

12:47 – The 2009 World Middle Champion, Dana Brozkova of the Czech Republic, has come through control 7 with a big lead, in a new fastest time of 16:18, over 90 seconds ahead of Christiane Troesse of Germany.

12:27 – Jana Macinska of Slovakia currently has the fastest time to control 7, with 18:38. We're already starting to see a variety of route choices on the long leg from 3-4. The right hand line taken by Popova (in pink) definitely looks faster, but the track option is safer.

12:13 – If you're having difficulties with the GPS tracking, it might be worth refreshing – we briefly had the 2014 Middle map up by mistake. Sorry!

12:10 – The first runners are into the forest, and the maps are now available. As the pre-runners had suggested, it looks like a tricky course. We're expecting a few mistakes in the low-visibility forest around this loop:

11:42 – One of the pre-race favourites, Tove Alexandersson of Sweden, won't be running today due to a foot injury. Alexandersson also sat out the Sprint Relay and Sprint Final earlier in the week because of her injury, and it's doubtful whether she will be able to race the Relay or the Long.

11:40 – Pre-runner Rose Schorah, on finishing her race:

It was a tough course. The forest in the first half was quite rough, but the second part was gorgeous!

Rose's comments were echoed by fellow pre-runner Tamsin Moran:

It was really varied – there was a big contrast between the rough terrain near the start and the runnable forest later on. Some of the green areas were very low-visibility and you had to bend down to get through the trees. I made some big mistakes!

11:30 – Good morning from Darnaway! We're sat in the spectacular arena, just in front of Darnaway Castle. It's a blustery day, with the sun peeking through the clouds. The first women will be starting shortly, so here are some things to keep you amused in the meantime: