Team Officials’ Meeting Mon 3 Aug Summary

Team Leaders were given an information sheet about the middle and relay races.

Questions raised which are not answered in Bulletin 4

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1. Can rivers and lakes shown as uncrossable on the map be crossed?

    A: Yes. The only areas which must not be crossed are overprinted with purple vertical lines.


2. Can cultivated land be crossed?

    A: There is none on the courses.


3. Can teams take their own tents to the quarantine and to the finish areas?

    A: Yes.


4. Is there a separate team area for team members only at the finish?

    A: Yes


5. Model mapping: is vegetation mapped the same on the competition maps as in the model map?

    A: Yes. Same mapper and same mapping standard. There are no large piles of logs on any sensible routes in the middle or relay races. Clear lines in green forest are mapped accurately in the competition area.


6. Will the organisers please ensure that 6 women as well as 6 men are included in the flower ceremonies for the middle and long?

    A: Yes


7. Middle: the call up times for the middle race are far ahead of the start time – can they be shortened?

   A: No. These are as set out in Bulletin 4.


8. Middle: what are the minibus times from quarantine to the pre-start for the middle race?

    A: They will be every ten minutes from 1030. Athletes and coaches can travel on any bus. Athletes are responsible for getting to the pre-start in time for their start.


9. Middle: will equipment and coaches be transported from the pre-start to the arena?

    A: Yes, although equipment may not be at the finish before the runner.


10. Middle: is there transport back from the arena to quarantine?

      A: Yes. Two minibuses will be provided leaving at approximately 1720 from the SE corner of the arena


11. Middle: how far is it from the start line to the start point?

      A: 150m


12. Relay: Can athletes be in the arena before running?

      A: No. They may only be in the quarantine area.


13. Relay: on which side are the maps labelled?

      A: On the first side, which is the side facing out from the map board


14. Relay: How does the map flip work?

      A: At the map flip, the second map shows a new start point. This is the same place as the last control point on the first map. The control numbering continues from the first map.


15. How are controls numbered on the relay map?

      A: The same as the sprint relay: control number then control code.

Map lines crossing example

Map lines crossing example