Team Officials’ Meeting, Long distance, Thu 6 Aug Summary

Officials handed out briefing notes.

Team leaders are warned that there are some parking difficulties in the arena.

Questions were raised and answers below.

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1. Will adding 45 minutes to the recommended travel time to quarantine be sufficient?

    A. It should be enough. Problems will be considered by the SEA at quarantine if necessary.

2. Are the green undergrowth lines on the map fallen trees or bracken as in the model events?

    A. They can be either.

3. Why does the quarantine close at 11am when the first start is 10am?

    A. No information will be transmitted at the arena before 11am.

4. Does the competition area contain rough open land like the model.

    A. Yes

5. Are there tents in the pre-start area

    A. Very few, the space is very limited.

6. Lithuania asked to change a runner who had sprained an ankle today. No-one objected to this.

7. How will coaches return from pre-start to quarantine after the 1245 bus?

    A. Additional buses will run after 1245.

8. Is there any electricity at the quarantine area?

    A. Yes, but we have not asked to use it so cannot guarantee that you can use it.

9. Which side is the map labelled for the men’s course?.

     A. The label is on side 2 of the map, so runners will need to turn the map over when they start.

10. Can runners taste the sport drink at the pre-start?

      A. No, but coaches were shown a sample at the meeting.

11. How steep is the valley crossing mentioned in Bulletin 4?

      A. Not steep.

12. Is the fence crossing like the model crossing point?

      A. Yes, but we have not checked it yet to be certain that it is identical.

13. How bad will the midges be at the pre-start?

      A. We cannot be sure, but they were not bad today, and we hope that the wind will be enough tomorrow to minimise the problem.

14. Can athletes provide named energy drink bottles?

      A. We regret that we cannot manage this due to the remoteness of the drink points. The energy drink provided by the organisers will be clearly labelled. It will be available at the men’s drinks points 1, 3 and 4, and at the women’s middle drink point.

15. Two countries complained that their SI AIR chips had not functioned correctly during the relay race. They have been changed.