Sprint Relay – Nairn

Saturday 1st August

The Sprint Relay will take place in the attractive seaside town of Nairn on the Moray Firth. Athletes will have to adapt their navigational style to both the complex streets of the old town and areas of parkland and sand dunes.

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What is the Sprint Relay?

The Sprint Relay is the newest World Championship discipline, first introduced in 2014. Each country can enter one mixed-gender team of two men and two women, running in the order woman-man-man-woman.

Each team member races their course individually before handing over to the next runner, with the first team to cross the finish line being the winner. To stop athletes forming a pack and following one another, there are several slight variations to the courses. To keep it fair, each team runs all the different variations, just not necessarily in the same order.

The Sprint Relay takes place in a mainly urban environment, with athletes having to make split second decisions on which route to take under the extreme pressure of head-to-head racing.


Sprint Relay



Emma Klingenberg

Tue Lassen

Søren Bobach

Maja Møller Alm




Elise Egseth

Håkon Jarvis Westergård

Øystein Kvaal Østerbø

Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg




Tatyana Riabkina

Gleb Tikhonov

Andrey Khramov

Galina Vinogradova


Weather Forecast

Temperature 14°C
Humidity 67%
Weather Light showers


Nairn is a new area and has not been used before for orienteering.

Map Scale 1:4 000
Contour Interval 2.5 m
Previous Map None

Course Details

  Laps Length Climb Controls Winning Time
Women 1 & 4 3.8 km 40 m 20-21 14 min 30 sec
Men 2 & 3 4.3 km 45 m 23-24 14 min 30 sec

All course details are given per lap.


  Mass Start Flower Ceremony
Mixed 18:05 19:05

All times are in British Summer Time (BST).

Extended Start Lists

Provided by Jan Kocbach, World of O

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World of O header image

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2014 Medallists




Rahel Friederich

Martin Hubmann

Matthias Kyburz

Judith Wyder



Emma Klingenberg

Tue Lassen

Søren Bobach

Maja Møller Alm



Anastasiya Tikhonova

Gleb Tikhonov

Andrey Khramov

Galina Vinogradova

IOF LiveCenter


Live Video

Live Commentary

Live GPS Tracking

Start Time 17:45 BST
Ticket for this Race €10
Ticket for all Races €18
Link livecenter.orienteering.org

GPS tracking can be unreliable in urban areas when athletes are running between buildings, so although live tracking will available for the Sprint Relay, it may not always be completely accurate.

TV Coverage

Country Channel Time
United Kingdon BBC Alba 18:00-19:25
Norway NRK2 19:00-20:10
Sweden SVT2 19:00-20:15

Yle Fem

Yle Areena



All times are in the local time of the broadcaster.

Travel Directions – Public Transport

Nairn railway station is on the Aberdeen to Inverness line. See National Rail for details of train times and connections.

Travel Directions – By Road

Follow the A96 east from Inverness to Nairn, 28 km. Parking is at the Farmers’ Showfield (IV12 4RY), on the right 600 m after the 30 miles per hour speed limit sign at the traffic lights. Turn right off the A96 (take care of oncoming traffic). Overflow parking will be available at Millbank Primary School and Nairn Academy (follow “Overflow Parking” signs). The race arena at The Links (Bandstand, IV12 4NQ) is accessed via the High Street (route maps issued at parking).

The Nairn Show (Nairnshire Farming Society) is taking place close to Nairn on Saturday 1 August, and traffic may be very slow. Expect delays and allow plenty of travel time.

Typical travel time from Inverness: 35 minutes


Course Planner Dave Robertson
Course Controller Stephen McKinley
Mapper Steve Smirthwaite


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Nairn Arena location, Credit:Colin Matheson

Nairn Arena location (Full size)

Sprint Relay all courses map

Sprint Relay all courses map (Full size)