Keep it Clean

Protect our forests

Over the course of the week competitors and spectators will become aware of an on-going, long-term initiative from Forestry Commission Scotland to promote good biosecurity practice across the national forest estate – and across the country.

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Scotland’s forests are under threat from a number of pests and diseases that are able to move from one forest to another by hitching a ride in the dirt and forest debris that can stick to animals, equipment, and people. 

To help slow down the rate of spread and to buy time in which to develop practical solutions, visitors to woodlands – including sportsmen and women – are being asked to “Keep it Clean”. Arrive with clean kit. Take the time to brush off your boots and shoes before going to a woodland and make it a habit to do so every time you go out. 

By following the “Keep it Clean” principle, you can help us to protect the health of our woodlands and forests and to buy the time we need to develop workable solutions to these problems.

Forestry Commision Scotland logo

Forestry Commision Scotland logo


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Keep it Clean logo, Credit:Forestry Commision Scotland

Keep it Clean logo (Full size)

Glen Affric, Credit:Colin Matheson

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