Team Officials’ Meeting Thu 30 July Summary

Team Leaders were given an information sheet about the sprint races.

Questions were raised and answers below.

Last edited: 30th Jul  

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1. Are private houses with permitted passage taped like the model event?

    A: Yes, but this only applies to the sprint relay


2. Fence crossing: the straw bale in the model was not firm and fell apart.

    A: There are only a few crossings like this in the sprint races. They will be stronger and safer in the races.


3. A circle and a north line hid some important map detail.

    A: This will not happen in the races.


4. The marking of the out of bounds area along part of a main road – will it be taped? Is it clear where such a road can be crossed?

    A: There is no need to cross such roads in the races. It is not taped. Runners should keep to the kerb (pedestrian edge).


5. Are small olive areas with narrow boundary edges on the map taped?

    A: These will be taped in the races if they are not clear.


6. In the dune terrain the map register was slightly shifted, giving some narrow white passages between green areas.

    A: The competition maps have all been checked for colour register. Register shift should not be a problem.


7. Can spectators go anywhere during the sprint races?

    A: Spectators can go anywhere, but accredited team members and coaches must remain in the areas marked in Bulletin 4. (NB this was not stated clearly at the TOM, but Bulletin 4 is clear).


8. Will cars in car parks be a problem?

    A: Bulletin 4 is clear about traffic. Traffic is restricted in the sprint relay and individual final, but there may still be some moving cars. There will be moving cars in the sprint qualification. Marshals will ensure that control sites are fair for all runners and that they are not hidden by cars during the races.


9. Map bags

    A: The competition map bags are the same as those used for the model race.


10. Where can competitors who have finished their race go?

     A: Warm-down areas are shown in Bulletin 4. Runners who have finished can go straight to their car but otherwise may not go back into the embargoed area.


11. Can team members run in the sprint qualifier area after the race?

      A: No, not until the final is over. See Bulletin 4.


12. Is there a map exchange or map flip in any of the sprint races?

     A: No.


13. Will there be any pre-runners between the mens’ and womens’ final races?

      A: No, but controls will be marshalled in that interval.


14. Are the small passageways as narrow on the race maps as on the model map?

      A: We have enlarged the narrowest passageways to make them as legible as possible. Nearly all are wider than on the model map.


15. Do the controls in the races which are like 83 and 90 (wall and vegetation boundary) in the model race have similar control descriptions.

      A: Yes


16. Will any passable walls have tape on them like the passable wall ENE of 90 (near the church) in the model race?

      A: No


17. Is the change between passable and impassable walls clear on the race maps?

      A: Yes


18. Are the control numbers and codes shown on the relay race maps the same as on the model map?

      A: Yes (see controls 87 and 84)


19. Are the travel times in Bulletin 4 likely to be correct?

      A: The organisers cannot guarantee travel times. The times given are journey times under average traffic conditions. Teams are advised to allow plenty of spare time.


20. Can sprint relay runners attend the opening ceremony?

      A: No. See Bulletin 4.


21. Why is the short artificial barrier in the model race shown as a wall?

      A: It is too short to show the fence tags. Longer artificial barriers have tags on. They are all impassable.